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Notice of Commencement & Virtual Open House

Brooks Road has initiated an Environmental Screening process in order to amend the existing Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for the landfill.

Brooks Road is seeking to amend the approved ECA for the annual fill rate from 151,000 tonnes per year to an annual fill rate of 250,000 tonnes per year with a same daily maximum of 1,000 tonnes per day. This change to the annual fill rate will allow Brooks Road to capture additional wastes generated by customers and fill the site faster and reach the approved capacity sooner.

The amendment does not affect or change the current approved landfill volume, footprint, or final contours.

You are invited to participate in a virtual online open house to learn more and provide comments on the Environmental Screening process from November 12 to November 26, 2020 by visiting this website.

To view the documents visit here:



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