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Brooks Landfill on track to clean up old site by May

According to the operators of Brooks Road Environmental, the site is on schedule to clean up the old landfill site by May 2013 meeting the Ministry’s deadline of September 2013.

The operation of the landfill as well as the old landfill site had been a contentious issue in the community with area residents and Six Nations residents protesting the operations since the application was made to reopen the landfill in 2002.

A Public Liaison Committee (PLC) meeting was recently held in mid-January to discuss issues that the public has with the landfill.

One of the issues on the list included the possibility of hazardous waste in the old landfill and the proper disposal of waste.

“We haven’t found any [hazardous waste] as of yet,” said Reid Robertson, site manager at Brooks Road Environmental.

Geoffrey Knapper, director of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) Hamilton District Office, confirmed this, but also said they have found two sealed drums. According to the agreement, the site has to treat them like hazardous waste even though the barrels won’t be tested.

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