Brooks Road Environmental Documents Library 

Environmental Screening: 

The following documents are the initial documents for the Environmental Screening. 

Notice of Commencement and Online Open House #1

Project Description and Screening Checklist

Notice of Online Open House #2

Online Consultation Summary Report 

Notice of Completion of Environmental Screening Report

Environmental Screening Report:


Environmental Screening Report - Complete (Report and Appendices)


Environmental Screening Report - Report Only

Appendix A - Ministry of Heritage, Sports, Tourism, and Culture Industries Checklists

Appendix B.1 - Air Quality and Odour Assessment

Appendix B.2 - Air Quality and Odour Assessment for the Vertical Capacity Expansion EA (2016)

Appendix C.1 - Methane Generation Analysis

Appendix C.2 - Methane Generation Analysis for the Vertical Capacity Expansion EA (2016)

Appendix D.1 - Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix D.2 - Noise Assessment for the Vertical Capacity Expansion EA (2016)

Appendix E.1 - Traffic Impact Memorandum

Appendix E.2 - Transportation Future Conditions for the Vertical Capacity Expansion EA (2016)

Appendix F - Leachate Impact Analysis

Appendix G - Operations Plan

Appendix H - Consultation Correspondence and Documentation


Operational Documents: 

Complaints Protocol

2020 Operations and Monitoring Report 

2019 Operations and Monitoring Report 

Environmental Assessment Annual Compliance Report - February 14, 2020 - February 14, 2021

Environmental Assessment Annual Compliance Report - February 14, 2019 - February 14, 2020

Environmental Assessment Environmental Compliance Monitoring Program - May 2020

Amended Environmental Compliance Approval A110302 - March 27, 2020

Environmental Assessment Report:

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Section 1.0 – Introduction

Section 2.0 – Overview of the EA Process & Study Organization

Section 3.0 – Overview of the Undertaking

Section 4.0 – Description of the Environment Potentially Affected by the Undertaking

Section 5 0 – Alternative Methods of Carrying Out the Undertaking & Impact Assessment

Section 6.0 – Consultation

Section 7.0 – Monitoring & Commitments

Section 8.0 – Approvals Required for the Undertaking

Section 9.0 – Amending the EA

Glossary of Terms

Appendix A - Approved Terms of Reference

Appendix B - Terms of Reference Commitments Tables

Appendix C - List of Studies & Reports

Appendix D - Conceptual Design Report

Appendix E - Assessment Reports

E-1 - Air Quality & Odour Assessment Report

E-2 - Noise Assessment Report

E-3 - Terrestrial & Aquatic Environment Assessment Report

E-4 - Geology & Hydrogeology Assessment Report

E-5 - Surface Water Resources Assessment Report

E-6 - Archaeology & Cultural Heritage Assessment Report

E-7 - Transportation Assessment Report

E-8 - Agriculture, Soils and Mining Assessment Report

E-9 - Land Use Assessment Report

E-10 - Socio Economic Assessment Report

Appendix F - Predicted Methane Generation – Brooks Road Landfill

Supporting Document 1 - Record of Consultation