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Notice of Commencement of Environmental Screening 

The following documents are the initial documents for the Environmental Screening. 

Notice of Commencement 

Project Description and Screening Checklist

Brooks Road Environmental Amendment to the Annual Fill Rate Environmental Screening - Consultation Summary Report

Operational Documents: 

2019 Operations and Monitoring Report 

Amended Environmental Compliance Approval A110302 - March 27, 2020

Environmental Assessment Report:

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Section 1.0 – Introduction

Section 2.0 – Overview of the EA Process & Study Organization

Section 3.0 – Overview of the Undertaking

Section 4.0 – Description of the Environment Potentially Affected by the Undertaking

Section 5 0 – Alternative Methods of Carrying Out the Undertaking & Impact Assessment

Section 6.0 – Consultation

Section 7.0 – Monitoring & Commitments

Section 8.0 – Approvals Required for the Undertaking

Section 9.0 – Amending the EA

Glossary of Terms

Appendix A - Approved Terms of Reference

Appendix B - Terms of Reference Commitments Tables

Appendix C - List of Studies & Reports

Appendix D - Conceptual Design Report

Appendix E - Assessment Reports

E-1 - Air Quality & Odour Assessment Report

E-2 - Noise Assessment Report

E-3 - Terrestrial & Aquatic Environment Assessment Report

E-4 - Geology & Hydrogeology Assessment Report

E-5 - Surface Water Resources Assessment Report

E-6 - Archaeology & Cultural Heritage Assessment Report

E-7 - Transportation Assessment Report

E-8 - Agriculture, Soils and Mining Assessment Report

E-9 - Land Use Assessment Report

E-10 - Socio Economic Assessment Report

Appendix F - Predicted Methane Generation – Brooks Road Landfill

Supporting Document 1 - Record of Consultation 

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