Brooks Road Environmental makes every effort to reduce our environmental footprint and mitigate any long-term negative impact that our landfill will have on the environment.


Our plan for the future is simple: zero deviations from environmental standards and constant innovation in finding ways to raise the bar when it comes to waste management.


Brooks Road Environmental (Brooks Road) has initiated an Environmental Screening process in order to amend the existing Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for the Brooks Road Landfill (the Site) at 160 Brooks Road, near Cayuga, Haldimand County, Ontario. 

The Environmental Screening Study is now complete. The results of the Study have been documented in an Environmental Screening Report, which is available to the public for a 60-day review period from April 15 - June 15, 2021. You can access the Environmental Screening Report in the documents section.


If you would like to provide comments, request additional information, and/or have concerns with the Project, please contact the following Project Team members:

Richard Weldon


Brooks Road Environmental

Tel: 416-856-7468

E-mail: richard@brenvironmental.com


Blair Shoniker, MA, RPP

Senior Waste & Environmental Planner

GHD Limited

Tel: 905-429-5040

E-mail: blair.shoniker@ghd.com

Project Overview Description

Brooks Road has initiated an Environmental Screening process in order to amend the existing Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to increase the annual waste fill rate currently approved at the Site. The proposed Project would amend the approved ECA to allow for receipt of the current maximum daily quantity of 1,000 tonnes per day throughout the year. This would increase the annual fill rate from 151,000 tonnes per year to 250,000 tonnes. This change to the annual fill rate will allow Brooks Road to capture additional wastes generated by customers and fill the site faster and reach the approved capacity sooner. The amendment does not affect or change the current approved landfill volume, footprint, or final contours.


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